Pupil performance

The schools within Ventrus are fully committed to inclusion. The schools have a rich heritage of supporting children moving from other schools with challenging behaviour and special educational needs. The demography of our schools varies as do the communities we serve.

Quotes from Ofsted

Wilcombe Primary – May 2016

  • “The head of school, with strong support from the executive headteacher and the Primary Academies Trust, is driving the continual improvement of the school. Areas for improvement in the previous inspection have been successfully tackled and previous strengths have developed further.”
  • “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is promoted well. The school’s ‘golden values’ are understood by all. Pupils told the inspector ‘our values are like Jenga blocks, when we work together we can be strong and support each other’. Residential visits with pupils from other schools help pupils to appreciate the similarities and differences between themselves and others. Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.”
  • “The academy trust and the local board govern the school effectively. The local governing body is well supported by the systems and protocols of the trust board. This ensures that local governors are skilled in asking challenging questions of leaders to ensure that the school continues to improve.”

The Duchy School – May 2015

  •  “There is outstanding leadership and management. The head of school is supported very well by all staff, who are enthusiastic about driving the school forwards.”
  •  “Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. They love the school and are excellent ambassadors for it in the wider community.”
  •  “The school, along with other member schools of the Primary Academies Trust, has a strong reputation for its work in supporting other schools on their own paths to improvement.”

Woodwater Academy – February 2015

  • “The Primary Academies Trust (the trust) structure provides an over-arching framework that is enabling rapid and sustained school improvement to the benefit of all pupils.”
  • “The rich network of focus groups across the trust allows staff to share and develop best practice regularly through the year. This, in turn, is supporting rapid improvements in achievement throughout the academy.”
  • “Governance operates at a strategic level across the academy trust and locally through the local governing body. Together, these two groups are highly effective in providing robust challenge and support to all aspects of the academy’s work.”

South Brent Primary School – May 2014

  • “As a result of the recent reorganisation of leadership at the school, and the appointment of a substantive head of school, standards are improving rapidly. Staff, governors and trust directors share a fierce ambition for continual improvement.”
  • “Teachers have placed a great emphasis on improving the standards in writing, which has resulted in improved progress being made across the school. The work that pupils have completed in their books demonstrates the good progress they are making.”
  • “The trust directors provide strong strategic challenge across the trust. Local governors are very supportive of the school and have a good understanding of its strengths and areas where it can improve within the context of the school and the community it serves.”

Wilcombe Primary School – May 2014

  • “The Chief Executive of the Primary Academies Trust provides strategic leadership for the school and has sought opportunities for the school to benefit from being part of the trust. This includes sharing best practice to improve the quality of teaching and sharing resources with other schools in the trust.”
  • “Leaders have improved teaching and pupils’ achievement in Years 5 and 6. Attendance is also improving.”
  • “The school provides good quality support and care for pupils. This leads to rapid development of their social skills and emotional maturity, particularly for young pupils.”
  • “The Directors of the Primary Academies Trust are determined and ambitious. They provide strong governance and additional expertise, and support leaders well.”

Sidbury C of E Primary School – July 2012

  • “The Executive Headteacher and leader of Teaching and Learning are providing the school with clear direction, and their good leadership and management are ensuring the school continues to improve. Leaders manage school performance well and have secured substantial and sustained improvements, especially in achievement.”
  • “Good” with “Outstanding” Behaviour for Learning.

Orchard Vale Community School – November 2011

  • “This is a good school. As a consequence of the strong leadership and management of the headteacher, significant improvements have been made since the last inspection leading to consistently high attainment and outstanding achievement for pupils at the end of Key Stage 2.”
  • “Good with 13 outstanding judgments”

Hemyock Primary – February 2011

  • “There are a number of ways in which the leadership and management of the school have proved outstanding. The headteacher and head of teaching and learning have evaluated the school accurately and have put into place actions that have helped to make rapid improvements.”
  • “Good with 5 outstanding judgments”