Governors and Directors give their time voluntarily and do not receive any form of payment.  They offer their considerable skills and expertise from a varied and wide background to support our schools and leadership teams to do the very best for our children.

Within our Board of Directors we have a qualified solicitors, accountants and people with a wide experience of business in the private sector and large public organisations.  Our directors are a huge support and also offer appropriate challenge for the leadership of our schools.

The Board of Directors is very well supported by the Local Governing Bodies that exist in individual schools. Local Governing Bodies are made up of parents and community representatives and in our church schools by representatives of the local church.  The Local Governing Bodies provide the local context and the challenge and support to the Head of School, ensuring the very best local offer is given in each of our schools.  The Local Governing Bodies are also able to influence and communicate with the Directors on big decisions that the Trust needs to make going forward.

As a Trust we are very grateful for the time given by the individuals within our Governing Bodies, Board of Directors and our Members, without which it would simply not be possible to run a successful Trust.