We are aware that during this current national emergency, some families will face challenges they have not faced before.  If your children are now entitled to free school meals, please contact your school via the school email address and they will respond to you.


While our schools remain closed, we continue to offer childcare to our vulnerable families and to children of critical workers, whose children cannot be cared for at home.

We have now made contact with all our parents who are critical workers, and our vulnerable families, to arrange childcare provision over the past few weeks and for the coming weeks. Please email your school direct if you wish to discuss your childcare needs.

Sugar Tax Fund

The Healthy Pupils Capital Fund (HPCF) is money levied by the UK Government from the soft drinks industry. The levy taxes the soft drinks industry on any product with a sugar content over 5g per 100ml and is widely known as the Sugar Tax.  The HPCF (or Sugar Tax Fund) is intended to improve children’s and young people’s physical activity, healthy eating, mental health and wellbeing and medical conditions.

Our schools have had some really exciting projects funded this year through the Sugar Tax fund and we will be bringing you the latest updates including photos when we receive them.  Watch this space!


“The money we have received has really enhanced our Wild Tribe programme; it has allowed us to launch Wild Tribe with great success.

It has provided the children with appropriate tools and a wide range of creative materials for their crafts and outdoor learning activities enabling them to gain a new skill/ability.

We have been making hot chocolate using our very own Kelly Kettle whilst whittling sticks to toast scrummy marshmallows.

We are enjoying embracing the great outdoors to bring our curriculum to life.” – Bratton Fleming Community Primary School


“Ashleigh C of E Primary school is based near the town centre of Barnstaple and as such has limited grounds.

The children within the community which the school serves often have low levels of physical activity outside of the school and as such we see it as important to provide as many opportunities as possible throughout the school day.

The old trim trail in the field was a well loved source of activity for our children but sadly fell into dis-repair over a number of years. The new trim trail includes a variety of equipment for all ages which will strengthen dexterity and gross motor skills and as such will not only aid our children’s health and well-being but will also aid their academic development.” – Ashleigh C of E Primary School


“We were fortunate enough to be able to replace our Adventure/Activity Trail with the Sugar Tax money. As the trail was 15 years old, wear and tear had made parts of it unfit for purpose.

By providing a piece of fun physical activity equipment this can promote:

  • Healthy growth and development
  • Better self-esteem
  • Stronger bones, muscles and joints
  • Better posture and balance
  • A stronger heart
  • A healthier with range
  • Social interaction with friends
  • Learning new skills while having fun
  • Better focus and concentration during school hours.

A physically active child is a healthy child.” – Orchard Vale Community School